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Welcome to Kanarra Falls, This is a beautiful fun slot canyon hike, a favorite destination for adventure seekers.

Kanarra Falls Trail
  • Average Hiking time: 3-4 hours
  • Distance:  4-mile roundtrip hike
  • Elevation Gain:  700 ft elevation gain
  • Difficulty: moderate to strenuous water hike
  • Permit Required!
  • Limit 150 issued/day
  • Price $12 per person

Trail Head: Parking Lot and Restrooms – Free parking; RV/Trailer parking available at Center Street and 100 West.  There are restrooms in the parking lot as well as a small gazebo with four picnic tables.  There are no other facilities along the trail, so remember to “Go before you go,” or pack out all human waste.

Permit Kiosk and Road – Redeem online tickets at the kiosk.  Depending on availability, tickets may be purchased here (limit 150 per day).  Credit or debit card preferred when purchasing tickets at the kiosk.  The trail follows an old access road (0.8 miles) into the Hurricane Cliffs and enters the lower open section of the canyon.  The trail crosses the stream several times along the road. 

The Road Ends and the trail narrows near the Town’s spring.  The trail may be overgrown in places and you will alternate between hiking in the (usually less than a foot-deep) water and on the trail closest to the stream; stay on this trail to avoid further erosion to the banks.  Good water hiking shoes and poles are highly recommended. 

Kanarra Falls – The first large waterfall is at (1.6 miles). Scaling a 20 foot ladder is required to continue the hike.  The ladder may be icy, wet, and slippery.  The trail is not maintained after this point, use extreme caution and know your limits!  Hike at your own risk!

Boulder – At 1.7 miles is another waterfall and a large boulder.  Climb/scale the boulder to continue.  The boulder has no handholds or ladders.

2nd Waterfall – The final waterfall is at (1.9 miles) in a narrowing slot canyon and deeper water.  Do not use makeshift rope or log ladders, these are not maintained and dangerous.  DO NOT GO BEYOND THIS POINT; it is private property and extremely difficult for Search and Rescue to reach this area.