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Important Information

A permit is required to hike this trail. The $15 per person permit fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and does not include sales tax and a processing and handling fee.  Parking is free at the trailhead parking area in the Town of Kanarraville. Children age 7 and under are free and do not require a ticket. We do not offer group or non-profit discounts.  To check in please bring your state or government issued ID with you!

A Commercial Group ticket ($25 per person not including sales tax and a processing fee) is required for all groups making a profit bringing clients to Kanarra Falls.  A filming permit is also required for all commercial filming, for more information contact the manager at

Tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE! This means you can NOT resell your tickets online or in person. This is for your protection against fraudulent use or ticket scamming. Please do not purchase tickets sold on social media, or anywhere other than

Tickets can be RESCHEDULED before 48 hours of your booking date! We have a strict limit of 200 people per day for this hike and your ticket is valid ONLY on the date for which it was issued. If you want to reschedule, you will need to follow the link on your invoice to re-book.

Flash Flood Danger! Kanarra Creek is a slot canyon and there is a very real danger from flash flooding. Flash floods can occur at any time of year but are most common in July, August, and September, and usually in the late afternoon. Check the local forecast and remember conditions change quickly; go to the National Weather Service Website for the most current information. DO NOT HIKE IF THUNDERSTORM WARNINGS HAVE BEEN ISSUED FOR THE AREA. Know your escape routes, be aware of rising water levels, stronger currents and sudden changes in water clarity. By entering a narrow canyon or wash, you are assuming a risk. The hike may be closed on short notice if there is a threat of heavy rain or thunderstorms. 


This is a water hike. Be prepared to hike in the river, wear shoes and clothes that can get wet, don’t make side trails to avoid getting wet.

In the spring the creek is fed by snowmelt and can be cold, deep, and fast be prepared! Average temperatures for the water is 30 degrees in the colder months and 50 degrees during the summer.

Hiking poles and good sturdy water shoes are recommended, you will be hiking along and through the streambed with slippery rocks, logs, and uneven terrain. No flip flops!

To hike past the 1st waterfall, you will need to scale a 20-foot ladder. The ladder may be icy, wet, and slippery. Farther up the trail you will need to scale/climb several large boulders. Finally, you will reach a narrowing slot canyon that will take you to the 2nd and final waterfall, this is the end of the hike, do not go beyond this point.

The Canyon is part of the watershed for the Town of Kanarraville, please help keep it clean by packing out all trash and using the restrooms before you go. There are no restrooms or trash facilities beyond the parking area.

Don’t be a vandal, NO writing or carving on the rocks, no graffiti. This is very hard to remove.

Respect the wildlife, be aware of rattlesnakes, if you see one or hear the rattle stay back and leave them alone.

The canyon is constantly changing, Over the years different ladders have been installed to allow access. Do not construct or use any makeshift rope or log ladders.

Many injuries (broken legs and ankles) can be prevented by using caution and common sense, do not slide down natural water slides.

USE CAUTION AT ALL TIMES! Iron County Search and Rescue Personnel have informed us that it can take up to 7 Hours to respond and transport injured hikers out of the canyon.

RV, overflow and trailer in tow parking is at Center Street and 100 West in Kanarraville. (Parking is limited and tight for turning around large vehicles).

No camping or fires are allowed anywhere on the trail, in the canyon, or in the parking area! – campsites are available nearby, see CEDAR CITY FIELD OFFICE or go to for information about the Town, local businesses and the surrounding area.
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Iron County Search and Rescue is one of our most valued partners.  Not only have they helped in numerous rescue operations in Kanarra Falls but they have also helped in trail projects that have made the canyon a safer place for our visitors. Please support them by donating to: SECURE UTAH

Utah Search + Rescue Assistance Card (USARA)

Backcountry rescue can be very costly. The USARA card provides you and your family peace of mind and helps support vital search and rescue services. 
Learn more at : SECURE UTAH